The Kosovars' much-awaited day of independence seems to be threatened, over fears that their aspiration for self-determination goes down the drain. But observers warn that playing with the ethnic Albanians' dream of independence may lead to resurgence of violence that would afflict the Balkan region.
The latest report by the United Nations special envoy for future status process for Kosova, Martti Ahtisaari, strongly recommended an independent state of Kosova under European Union (EU) and international supervision.

But Russia's stance that vehemently opposes any UN declaration granting independence to Kosova has led to a new round of 120-day negotiations on the future status of the province.

The negotiations led by the US, Russia, and the Kosovo Contact Group will have the final say on the province's destiny, and will determine whether or not Kosovar Albanians have the right to independence. (IOL) recently conducted this interview with Professor Ferid Agani to highlight the heated debate on Kosova's future status that will be a turning point in the history of the Muslim-majority province.

Kosovar Prof. Ferid Agani is a 48-year-old physician who has been a member of parliament since 2004. (IOL photo)
Agani is a Kosovar member of parliament and an active player inside Kosova's political scene. He represents the Justice Party, established in 1999, and is one of its founders. In addition, he is a physician specialized in neurological psychiatrics and is the current chairman of the Strategic Management Department of Kosova's Health Ministry.


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